Support for Olpha Mosima

Dear Supporters of Guyana Mission,

Greetings in the Holy Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It has been awhile since a general memo was sent of conditions involving the ministry. I’m very thankful for our Donor Relations Manager (Melva Bruce) for taking up the baton and keeping us up-dated as to our current events.

Just recently we received news from Olpha M. our student in Kenya, which was disturbing. Never the less we thank God that despite the harrowing experience she is safe and unharmed at least physically as these situations does leave scars that takes time to heal if ever they do get healed.

Olpha was robbed as she travelled on the public transportation in her country, she has lost all her personal belongings such as cell phone, bank cards, purchases and cash she was carrying to give a brief list.

We share her urgent need and is reaching out for assistance on her behalf as soon as possible. Contact was made with her place of worship and her story was confirmed by the board of her church, they have agreed to act as a medium of transferring all donated funds to her.

Guyana Mission always meet the costs involved in doing transactions in that you can be assured 100% of your donations meets it’s intended goal.

Olpha is currently in studies of her ninth semester with one more before her graduation and really appreciates your help now to replace her loss.

We are also conscious of the time that this appeal is being made as some of our greatest expenses are being also made and would like to establish a window of time of three weeks so she can receive the funds that is very much needed

Her church quotes: “We further indicate that she is an active member, we are aware of her needy status, being from a single parent family. She was also recently robbed whereby she lost her personal belongings, some money and books. Any support for her will be highly appreciated.”

The deadline for her donations is Monday December 20th and would appreciate and be very grateful if you can indicate by e-mail that you have donated.

Thanking you on her behalf,
Al & Doreen Bruce