Greetings to the faithful in our journey for the Lord,

Trusting you are enjoying God’s blessings in your walk with the Lord.

I really apologize for my monthly greetings being a little late this month and they are some very good reasons for it being so.

In the third quarter of 2023 we launched and appeal for $15.00 a month for 24 months to raise $35K to complete our Electrical Project.

We received a totally different response that I will have to refrain at this time from commenting about because we are currently using our legal representative to help resolve the issues, but will give you the situation once we are free to do so.

My earlier thoughts is that $15 a month could be very affordable and that the setting up of a donation system could be manageable over two years.

Requesting financial help for the work of this mission has never been my strong point, however I do have an unshakeable belief that this is my calling for the Lord and the provision comes from him and not from my wisdom of figuring it out.

By way of progress, we are now in a position to pay down  2K which is a third of what the final or fifth dorm will cost and hope fully be able to fully pay off as the funds come in.

We will soon be welcoming the camping season, and it really would be a blessing to have all the structures available.

Thanks again for all you have done and above all please remember to pray for the ministry of Guyana Outreach! And blessings.

Stay tuned and we will give you the updated costs.

Al Bruce
Co-founder Guyana Outreach