About GO!


Guyana Outreach! (GO!) is a non-profit, volunteer program primarily dedicated to the support of struggling evangelical organizations in Guyana, South America. GO! has also expanded their outreach to help aspiring individuals realize their educational goals, thereby increasing their standing in their own communities, in Guyana and beyond.



Give a man a fish and he will ask for another.
Give him a fishing rod and he will catch his own fish.

GO! Objectives

Evangelical Groups

GO! seeks to support evangelical groups by providing resources and training to help them realize their goals. Once a group has become self-sufficient, GO! reaches out annually to ensure that it is maintaining the status it has achieved with our help.


GO! also provides financial support to individuals who are seeking higher education and a more stable position in society through permanent employment. Financial assistance is sent directly to schools, thus ensuring a path to graduation and a degree.

At times, remuneration may be made directly to students in cases of tragedy or severe personal need, but this is not customary.