Wesleyana Bible Camp

Wesleyana Bible Camp is the first of the evangelical ministries ministered to by Guyana Outreach!

Wesleyana is situated in the heart of the countryside, a very popular for spot for pleasure camps. The Linden Highway provides access to both Wesleyana and the other camps, but that is where the similarities end.

To avoid confusion as to the purpose of Wesleyana compared to the other camps, the Wesleyan Church leaders approved changing its name to Wesleyana Bible Camp. They felt this name would more aptly capture the spirit and intention of the activities that campers there would be experience during their weeklong stay.

The campground is located approximately 25 miles from the city of Georgetown, Guyana’s capitol. The spot is appropriately isolated from the hustle and bustle of larger cities and towns. This allows campers to pray more easily and commune with God and one another in a beautiful natural setting. Blessed with a constant cooling breeze from Guyana’s famous trade winds, a creek that is perfect for swimming and water sports, and a wooded terrain with trails for hiking and nature-observing, Wesleyana is rightly called “a jewel in the forest”. For all who attend, Wesleyana Bible Camp is a much-needed escape from the trappings of daily life and is fondly remembered as a life-shaping event wherein God spoke to their hearts.

The powerful impact of the camp on visitors likely comes from the staff, who are former graduates and continue their commitment to the ministry by transforming the lives of others in the way that they themselves were transformed.