How We Began

The Pilgrim Overseas Missionary Society was the spark that ignited our passion for ministering God’s work. First, we met its President, Sherlock Delph, who enlightened us about the developments at Camp Wesleyana in Guyana. Then we were lucky to attend POMS’ annual convention in February 2002, at which Pastor M. Hestick gave the keynote address. Therein, he challenged each of us to give back to our homeland with his message of “Refire not Retire”.

A few months later, on Good Friday 2002, we were able to get our first glimpse of Wesleyana and see firsthand the work that was being done there. Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to find Pastor Hestick, who was wrapping up a week’s camp with his men and boys. After seeing the great need to further develop the camp and learning from Pastor Hestick about “the village bad boy” who had “got saved last night”, we quickly understood that our meeting was not accidental, but rather divine Providence.

Wesleyana Bible Camp (owned and operated by The Wesleyan Church of Guyana) has been in existence for over fifty years. Much volunteer work has been done, and many projects have been completed, thanks to the generous financial donations of its benefactors. The campsite itself comprises 112 acres of fertile land with a creek running the entire length of the eastern boundary. At the time of our initial visit, there was a sandy road down the “middle”, with the campground on a small plateau before dropping down to the water line of the creek boundary. The camp is beautiful to behold and only accessible to those who can find their way through the “bush”, as the locals would say.

Our involvement with the camp’s development started with that first trip almost 20 years ago and has continued to the present day. We first became representatives of POMS and eventually formed our own Ministry called Guyana Mission Overseas Program (GMOP), which supported the missionary efforts at Wesleyana and eventually became more diversified. (See our Mission Statement for more information about what we do.) In 2021, our son Mike has taken on a larger role in the direction of the mission and is in the process of transforming our presence to reach a greater number of potential supporters. The change of the name from POMS to GO! (Guyana Outreach!) is one element of this transformation.

The listings on our Past Projects page highlight the development that first started with the planting of coconut palms to define our boundaries. Additional projects have since been realized, and yet the work continues. From virgin forest land, by the grace and provision of God and with the untold labor of many, Camp Wesleyana has been transformed into a site at which individuals can find the Lord and explore their faith.

We hope that our humble story will touch your hearts as Camp Wesleyana has touched ours, and that you will consider joining our mission to continue to spread God’s word and works.

We would like to thank Jim, Mike and Pastor Tom from Calvary Chapel Stony Brook who provided much assistance and support in the coconut planting, as well as invaluable counsel as we seek to launch future developments at the camp.

– Al & Doreen Bruce