Mission Report: February 2015

Dear Partners and Supporters,

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support in Guyana Mission projects. Below is a brief summary of our outreach program:

About Guyana Mission Outreach Program

Our involvement with Pilgrim Overseas Missionary Society goes back for more years that can be remembered and it was through that missionary effort the awareness of ” Wesleyana Bible Camp ” came about.

While being active in the development of Wesleyana Bible Camp as a representative from P.O.M.S. it became increasingly evident of the needs of other evangelical groups such as Carmel Bible Camp on the Essequibo Coast, Good News Baptist Church in Anna Regina, Vreed-en-Hoop Wesleyan Church and The Baptist Bible Camp off the Essequibo River and at times some very real personal needs for schooling etc.

It was out of that awareness and the desire to reach out and help in whatever way we can and with the vision of giving them a “Fishing Rod” the idea of GUYANA MISSION was born. All the services we provide is simply a gift to enable them to better manage their resources without any strings attached and across all denominational lines. The stanza of the very well known song says it better, “All one body we, one in hope and doctrine one in charity”

Our relocation to Florida from New Jersey and the opportunity that was afforded us by the P.O.M.S. mission opened the door for the start up of the Guyana Mission Outreach Program and while there are times when a fish has to be given based on the circumstances, giving them a “Fishing Rod” is always better, that is what our mission is about.

Over the past four months, since our previous letter:

  • The WBCamp Development Committee has completed a Five Year Vision Plan for their ministry.
  • The development of an electricity grid, solar power or combination has been undertaken by our ministry.

Last month, Pastor Vikram Mohabir, a Guyanese coworker for the Lord Jesus Christ wrote:

Recently concluded a weekend of camp for the children of the RCHCC. This is a children home that is monitored by the West Ruimveldt Wesleyan Church- Pastored by the District Superintendent Rev Ivan Williams. This was an amazing weekend of fun and empowerment of young children and teens ranging from 5 to 14 years old. One of the greatest highlights of this camp was being able to take Rajesh to swim. Rajesh is in a wheel chair and couldn’t walk but we managed to wheel him down and wheel him up back from the creek. Being able to go hiking with the boys to visit the farm. and to pick pineapples and coconuts were great past time activities for the boys as well.

We are encouraged knowing that the campground is a Vibrant, Evangelical, Active Outreach sharing the Good News, Teaching Spiritual Truths from God’s Word, and Teaching how to meet the physical needs of the location.

In addition, we have been assisting a young woman, Olpha, in Kenya, in her teaching career. In the past year with prayer and financial support of GMOP she has completed her first year of college with excellent grades. To God be the glory!

InHis Service,
Al and Doreen Bruce
Founders – Guyana Mission