Mission Report: Guyana Mission Trip 2019

Trip Duration: September 14th – 28th 2019
Purpose: To revisit the three areas of our outreach ministry, evaluate their needs, and develop plans for ongoing progress.

  1. Wesleyana Bible Camp located in the County of Demerara in Guyana.
  2. Carmel Bible Camp Located in the County of Essequibo in Guyana.
  3. Good News Baptist Church located in the County of Essequibo in Guyana.

Wesleyana Bible Camp located in the County of Demerara in Guyana

The good news of the proposed refurbishing the dorms, upgrades of the bunks and bedding was shared by Pastor Williams, the District Superintendent for the entire Wesleyan Churches in Guyana. Emphasis being placed on the importance of adequate maintenance to attract overseas groups that has already expressed interest for using the facilities in 2020.

The size of the camp entails 112 acres defined on its three boundaries by double rows of coconut palms with a road interspersed between them. Additional blessings include water from a deep well source and overhead storage that facilitate gravity flow to points of need.

The main objective to brainstorm construction, and implementation in order to accomplish the completion of the final phase of the Electrical Project, wiring of all the dorms, and other buildings on the campsite . Proceeds obtained from raising and marketing chickens will be used for this purpose.

This venture was challenging to us, after two failed attempts the need arose to revisit the areas of concern that caused failure then come to a unanimous agreement to address the problem. Presenting a graft with a flow chart of activities over a 24-week period was developed to visually indicate the timing of certain tasks including purchasing and marketing.

First, agreement was reached wherein Guyana Mission would continue to provide funds for the infrastructure such as the refurbishing of the former chicken pen to be used as a brooder for the baby chickens the first two weeks, additionally providing the appropriate area for plucking and preparation for market.

Second, to assist the development of good business practices, funds will be provided as a “Loan” for the purchase of the baby chicks, feed and medication needed in the rearing process, this will be interest free. Guyana Mission will be repaid as their first creditor after marketing.

Finally, to encourage proper maintenance practices Guyana Mission purchases the Plucking Machine for the processing of the birds in preparation for marketing. This machine will remain the sole property of G.M. and given without charge for their use. Plans are also in place to make appropriate inspections of the machinery thus verifying good maintenance practices.

These steps of financial assistance were necessary because of, and in keeping with past experience to better apply our motto of “giving them a fishing rod and teaching them to catch fish.”

The coconut palms especially on the higher elevations of the campground shows severe stress due to the lack of water. Various solutions were suggested such as drip irrigation and sawdust. Sawdust can be easily obtained from a sawmill across the campground free of charge, this can be spread under the trees which creates the effect of drawing moisture from below the ground, in addition to breaking the reflection of the hot sun which has a baking effect, as it reflects from the sandy soil.

Extensive discussions on the agricultural aspects of the campground will not be addressed at this time. Suffice to say the market is very promising and enticing for various types of crops. This will be addressed after the success and progression of the Chicken Project by God’s Grace.

Carmel Bible Camp Located in the County of Essequibo in Guyana

Carmel Bible Camp on the Essequibo Coast has many challenges before it in its development and is making a bid to return to its early days of ministry.

The campground of 300 acres sits on the beautiful Lake Capoey whose waters are absolutely gorgeous.

Earlier buildings were constructed of wood frames that eventually succumbed to wood ants which is responsible for its demise.

In the effort of restoration, the trustees have erected the first stage of what will be six large dorms with a conference center and other supporting structures. The current building is constructed of concrete and so will be the subsequent structure.

The capacity of the current dorm rooms is 60 campers, there are separate quarters for both sexes to have shared facilities if necessary. $ 12,000.00 USO is the estimated cost to fully complete the current dorm, the major portion to be used for the construction of the roof.

Good News Baptist Church located in the County of Essequibo in Guyana

Good News Baptist Church, the Third leg of the Ministry of Guyana Mission, during this visit provided invaluable information for rearing chickens. Their facilities will be used to provide training for those involved in the rearing of the chickens at Wesleyana Bible camp.

There is an urgent need evangelical groups to visit and carry out much needed outreach ministries in the outlying villages and other such support. They are currently receiving no outside support from any of the international organizations and would welcome some assistance from sister churches of the Southern Baptist.

Sincerely submitted Awaiting His Return,
Al & Doreen Bruce