Mission Report: March 2019

Dear Supporters of Guyana Mission,

Please accept my apologies for the delay of this report as we do acknowledge it is long overdue.

The activities in relation to Bible Camp has been on-going and the bulk of our attention was in the planning of the restart of the ongoing Chicken Project.

Last year we had a series of startup failures and requested a meeting of minds to determine the areas of our shortfall and the steps needed for correction.

While it was agreed to do so finding the appropriate time to meet the various individuals schedule was not an easy task and finally early March of this year the meeting took place.

The findings of the meeting are as follows:

  • Preparation of facilities and care of the birds at various stages;
  • The need for a proper slaughtering facility;
  • The need for a plucking machine and an additional freezer;
  • Training of workers in the use of equipment;
  • Training of workers in the administration of drugs and other additives for the overall health of the chickens;
  • A reliable form of transportation (a medium size van or truck)
  • The preparation of the birds for marketing.

It was reported that a marginal profit was made after the last startup and we thank God no loss was incurred.

We are currently in the process of addressing the list above which incurs the clear identification of capable individuals and their areas of responsibility as well as the purchase of equipment that was generally agreed on to make our next start up a success.

It has been generally agreed despite the challenges we face in personnel and equipment, that the Chicken Project is by far the best opportunity to help them achieve a means of independence as the market exists for this product.

Awaiting His Return,
Al & Doreen Bruce