Mission Report: December 2018

Hello my Brother and Sisters in the Lord Christ Jesus,

I am hoping this finds you in good cheer as the season is to celebrate the wonderful gift of Jesus’ coming! May your spirit be renewed every morning knowing what He has done for you.

Hope you have had a chance to look at the new website gmop.aplos.org. You can simply click on the following link:-GMOP It is in process and I would welcome any feedback!

Last month I mentioned the topic of monthly giving. This is so instrumental in being able to know how we can move forward. Because this was an important topic I knew it was time not only to address it here but also to become a monthly giver myself. Yes I am retired but also have opportunity for part time work as a tutor, instructor and adjunct professor at the county college. The primary part time position ended in October and another was nil this semester, but I am able to make a pledge.

God does multiply what is given to Him for both the receiver and the giver! It is amazing. I am reaching out to ask you if you can make a commitment pledge for prayer and financial support of GMOP on a consistent basis.

For me GMOP was already set up in my BillPay at the bank. With a couple of clicks it was made recurring, donation at the middle of the month was set and off it went. This is a commitment to consistently give in an affordable manner. Waiting for the right time and the right income was just taking so much time to support GMOP.

As the new year is approaching please ask the Lord what should be your part in this ministry in 2019. Is it to have a weekly or daily time for intercessory prayer, is it to contribute $10, $20, $25 or $50 to the mission on a monthly basis?

Thank you my brothers and sisters because God is doing a great work through this ministry and you are part of it.

Our dear Brother and President Al writes that Guyana Mission applied to be recognized in the Amazon Smile Program and…

The good news is that we are finally being recognized in the program where .5% of your purchase is donated to our non-profit GUYAMA MISSION OUTREACH PROGRAM INC.

To do so is very simple:

  • Type in your browser smile.amazom.com
  • The log into your amazon account is the same and if you are a prime member that also does not change.
  • The only change is that you will be asked for the name of the charity you will like to support and enter Guyana Mission and you will then see the full name of our mission and select it.
  • That is all you need to do. Just remember for all your purchases FIRST type in smile.amazon.com and it will remember and you are ready for you purchases.
  • Just remember to add smile. before amazon.com and you are a blessing to GMOP. Please feel free to share with your friends.

Praise God for His many blessings,
Melva Bruce
Donor Relations