Mission Report: Septemer 2018

Dear Supporters of Guyana Mission,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Before camp began you were asked to be in prayer “For God to be glorified and souls be changed to know and follow the Risen Savior Jesus Christ.” And you are asked to continue that prayer for each person both staff and camper to deepen their walk as they return to their normal routine. It is during the normal routine the enemy comes in to create doubt for what has just happened. I am sure many of you know how the enemy wants to drive us from the path that we are to follow. (Eph 6:10-18)

The camps included:

  • A time for women where they will gather for prayer and spiritual empowerment.
  • Men’s camp with hopes to gather 150 men
  • Camps for Junior, young teens, senior teens, young adults and senior adults.

Pictures are below which give us a glimpse of the time of rejoicing, having some good camp fun, knowledge of the Good News of Jesus Christ and discipleship. This was a time for reflection and a safe zone to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ through all the counselors, camp directors, administrators and caring staff that make this camp possible. Does it make you wish you were there?

Take a few moments to reflect on these pictures and imagine how the Lord can use these moments to build up all who attended this camp this year. I see the boys in the dorm and reminds me of camp times as a counselor, those were special moments as the youth were able to open up in a loving atmosphere. That was far from my thoughts until I saw those pictures. It was delightful to remember …

May Christ richly bless you,
Melva Bruce
Donor Relations

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