Mission Report: September 2020

Hello Supporters of Guyana Mission,

Praise God for all of you faithful readers of these quarterly newsletters.

We are fully aware of the constant inundation of mail that we are receiving these days of something won or something free (that is often not really so because you have to meet the shipping costs).

Thank God salvation is totally free but not cheap as you are well aware.

This has been an unusually challenging year but for the most part we have an optimistic view and have so much to be grateful to thank God for. It is now two weeks since undergoing the insertion of a pacemaker to regulate my slow heartbeats and today I’m benefitting from the results with renewed energy to accomplish what’s needed to be done not merely watching the responsibility without the energy to get things done. Praise God for modern medicine and what He has enabled man to do.

Covid-19 has become a common term and means different things to many people affecting every country on the face of God’s earth. What a lesson for all of us to learn!

Heartfelt thanks to those who consistently support the ministry, despite and in spite of the current economic and financial situation. Praise God for placing in your heart the desire to see this work established.

Presently all operations have ceased in terms of all of our activities and your faithful giving will help to build up the resources for startup operations and maintenance.

The main appeal of our funds were to complete the Electrification of the buildings there is no better time than the present to continue working on this project because of the vacancy resulting from Covid-19. Opportunities always abound to get God’s work done in spite of the challenges we often face.

Whatever pictures we share reflect the past hoping for better ones in the future however at the present time with all cautiousness the activities has ceased until further notices.

The project of planting lemon trees are still under consideration and updates will be furnished in our next newsletter.

Unfortunately, the desired goal for the Education Fund for Bro. Vickram was not achieved, a partial payment of $1500.00 was accepted by the college board. Our promise to fill this need still exist, appeals will continue to this effect until the debt is paid in its entirety.

Praise be to God we were blessed with an additional $500.00 donated by Bro Vickram’s church in Guyana, the current balance to be raised now stands at $5,225.00

Please stay safe, take care of yourself by the grace of God as good health is a blessing from Him.

In His Service,
Al & Doreen Bruce