Land of Giants

Greetings from Guyana: Land of Giants. Three Quick Shares

1It’s not in Africa.

It’s on South America’s north end. Arguably, most of her less than a million people haven’t enjoyed her vast interiors or fabulous tourist gems. But it’s well made up for – with charm and insightful charisma.

Can’t blame them “hugging the shore”. Weather’s great all over. If you like angst, hustle and bustle of city – Georgetown the capital’s got it. With cool breezes off the Atlantic and “night life”. But being city, hazards of petty theft.

Spanish, French, Dutch and British ‘live on’ in the architecture, civic sightings, names and norms of Guyana’s past. Planning to travel? Be sure to see Guyana. It’s a magical tropic you’ll forever treasure, rave, and share!

2. Secret Giants of Flora and Fauna.

Your bucket list’s not done until you see Guyana’s giants – Victoria Regia and Arapaima in the water. Mammoth Sloth, Giant Anaconda, and Amazon area bird watch treats on land.

As one of Earth’s best secrets, placing Guyana is hard for many, hence the “geo heads up” above. First spelled Guiana, there were three. East to West on South America’s coast was French Guiana or Cayenne, Dutch Guiana or Suriname, then British Guiana – now Guyana.

Sooner or later, secrets of the Land of Many Waters will be another vacation haven for the world’s rich and famous. So, it makes sense for you and your loved ones to experience ASAP what you’ll eventually reflect on and share. The lifelong treasure and blessings of your Guyana family getaway.

3. Featuring Community Ministry.

A neat treat you’ll love in Guyana – are Guyanese. Friendly and courteous. Yet, maybe due to “earlier British” – no hint of patronizing. English speaking, “quick with a joke or proverb” and naturals for sharing. You’ll relish the “warm and breezy” of genuine Guyanese!

Soesdyke village is of Dutch era. Twenty-six miles on the Demerara, smallest, civic hub of Berbice and Essequibo Rivers. Halfway ‘or so’ between Soesdyke to Linden and its highway, is Wesleyana Bible Camp. Fifty plus years catering all ages, all evangelical faiths, with conventions and retreats for personal, economic and spiritual growth.


Carlton J. Bruce aka Dr B.
GO! Editor & Ministry Partnership Development