Campsite Electrification

Wesleyana Bible Camp (Wesleyana) is one of the most well-known Bible camps in Guyana because of its beautiful natural environment and unique, modern features. Wesleyana is blessed with water access with a stream running through the property. “Beach” access enables swimming, tubing, and sunbathing. Similarly, Wesleyana is thought to be the first campground of its kind to construct a well on property, which acts as the main water supply to its campus. Wesleyana has now begun the process of electrifying all of its buildings and outdoor areas.

The electrification of Wesleyana Campground has been an integral project undertaken to improve daily life at the site for visitors and camp staff.  Supplying power to the camp is important in enhancing operations and security, while making visits to Wesleyana much more enjoyable for campers. Gone are the days of reading, gathering and praying by candlelight; the use of technology, such as videos and digital presentations, requires electricity and will allow for evening meetings, both of which will improve the quality of the educational experience.  Electrical power also provides greater security in the form of outdoor lighted walkways, as well as making dorm room stays more comfortable for attendees. 

Unfolded over several stages, electrification has required much involvement from camp leaders, sponsors and independent contractors, all of whom are members of the Wesleyan church and have been working with the Bible Camp for many years.  In order for our members to better understand the process of this project, the following is an outline of basic work that was done during each phase.

Project Goal (Phase 3): $61,000

Phase 1 – COMPLETED: Electrical cables from Guyana Power and Light (the sole energy company in Guyana) were connected to the Wesleyana campus from a nearby highway. (Completed in 2015; Cost: $25K)

Phase 2 – COMPLETED: An electrical grid was built on the Wesleyana campgrounds, which powered the buildings. (Completed in 2015; Cost: $22K)

Phase 3 – IN PROCESS: The electrical wiring of the individual buildings will be upgraded to meet code, so they can be safely connected to the national grid. Security lighting will also be installed.

Phase 4: Telecommunication and internet connections will be installed in all buildings.

Once all phases are complete, all camp buildings will have electricity, phone lines and internet access!

As stated above, the cost for such an involved project is significant. Phases 1 and 2 were generously funded by GO! Board leadership. Since the completion of these phases in 2015, oil and gas companies have arrived in Guyana to capitalize on a newly discovered natural resource.  Their recent presence has jump started a construction boom. While this may have positive benefits to the Guyanese economy, it has also caused a surge in demand for resources, and with it, a continued increase in the cost of materials.  Therefore, the urgency to complete Phase 3 of this undertaking is great and will require the help of the entire giving community.